Customers offer feedback to PECO’s proposed default service program

Over 70% of residential customers in Southeast PA — that’s PECO service territory — have remained with PECO as their default electricity service provider. Public officials, the Public, and even a retired Judge offered testimony, along with expert witnesses. Some said... It’s hard to think as small as PECO is thinking; Limiting solar to 0.5% for the next 5 years is totally out of step. It is economically irresponsible; 50% of residential customers in PECO territory committed to 100% renewable energy; Follow the City of Philadelphia’s example with long term commitments” to renewable energy, such as the development of solar farms; We cannot look at staged progression any longer. We need to move forward with everything now; City of Los Angeles has more rooftop solar than the entire state of PA; We’re demanding energy service for the bulk of your customers, we’re here not to talk about individual solutions to climate change; PECO is out of step, PECO is failing us; If PECO cannot interpret customer demands, we need to ask the PUC to help them see the light; We need local solar way beyond half a percent and decisively toward 100% renewable energy; PECO would be able to promote grid electricity rather than distributed generation; it’s the smartest thing a utility can do for their own success; The AEPS mandate is merely the minimum amount of renewable generation. PECO is free to exceed that standard while we wait for the state mandates to catch up; What are we waiting for?