We are building an alliance of environmental, social justice, labor, and other groups seeking to coordinate goals and efforts to address the urgent climate crisis, and transition rapidly to an equitable and sustainable Philadelphia that provides living wage jobs, a healthy environment, and a safe climate for all residents. 


On September 26, 2019, Philadelphia City Council voted to approve the Sierra Club’s Ready for 100 resolution, entitled “Urging the City of Philadelphia to take measures to achieve fair and equitable transition to the use of 100% Clean Renewable Energy by 2050.” See Resolution 190728.  For more, see press release, hearing, photo with Council member Blondell Reynolds Brown & Director of Sustainability Christine Knapp

Following the passage of the resolution, environmental groups across the city had a mixed response.  While its proposals were appreciated, some groups were frustrated with deadlines not being urgent enough. 

In response to both the political milestone, and the division over deadlines, 3 activists came together.  Meenal Raval of Ready for 100 Philadelphia and Judy Morgan of Northwest Philly Climate Action Network, were approached by Lynn Robinson of Neighbors Against the Gas Plants with a suggestion to unite the city’s environmental organizations around a realistic 10 year timeline, with benchmarks.  For 6 weeks, the three of them met, produced an 8 page document of proposals, and launched this citywide discussion amongst environmental and social justice groups. The Ready for 100 Philadelphia team decided to work in the coalition as the next step for climate action in Philadelphia.

Our coalition is open and still expanding.  Since November 12, 2019, it has met monthly, and created working groups who meet more often. We assembled a one page document for city action that can begin in 2020.  Meenal Raval of Ready for 100 Philadelphia, approached City Council’s Environment Committee Chair, Katherine Gilmore-Richardson and arranged a March 16th meeting. Five coalition members participated, and the “short list for 2020 document” was shared with the Councilmember.


Let’s build something together.