Testimonies at City Council public hearing on an environmental bill and a resolution, protective of environment, health, equity

On Thursday December 3rd, 2020,  in a virtual public hearing about The Green Recovery Resolution (200666) and the Healthy Outdoor Public Spaces bill several residents offered testimony.  The recording can be found here, with public testimony starting at 57:50.  On the agenda were many bills, with these two of great interest to us:

  • 200666 INTRODUCED BY: Councilmember Gilmore Richardson | Resolution declaring the intent to prioritize climate action and environmental justice in the ongoing COVID-19 recovery effort.
  • 200425-A | INTRODUCED BY: Councilmembers Bass, Parker, Jones, Gilmore Richardson, Domb, Brooks, Johnson and Gauthier | An Ordinance amending Title 6 of The Philadelphia Code, entitled “Health Code,” by creating a new Chapter 6-1300 entitled “Healthy Outdoor Public Spaces,” to promote a healthy environment that protects the public from the risks of toxic herbicides by prohibiting their use on all city-owned or used public grounds including but not limited to parks, trails, recreation centers, and playgrounds; establishing reporting requirements; and establishing a private right of action, all under certain terms and conditions.

Duncan Gromko, Timothy Leonard, Lena Smith, Jonathan Leibovic, Lynn Robinson, Meenal Raval, Kendra Moore, Julian Boggs, Thakiyah Yankowy and Logan Welde offered testimony.  You can watch Councilmember Gilmore Richardson’s comments on the Green Recovery in the first 2:20 minutes of this video.

To read testimonies from Julian Boggs, Thakiyah Yankowy, Lynn Robinson and Meenal Raval; click on photo.  Comments can be and shared with Lynn.

image credit: Lynn Robinson
image credit: Lynn Robinson









image credit: PHL Council














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