May 12th meeting of full group

Notes from Tuesday May 12th, 2020 meeting of Climate Action Philly, to discuss near term climate action.

16 people participated (alphabetical by first name) — Alex Lola, Cam Walker, Emily Davis, Freyda Kornblum, Jason Sandman, Jeannie Myers, Judy Morgan, Kim Paymaster, Kristina V, Lisa Hastings, Lynn Robinson, Meenal Raval, Pat Libbey, Tim Ward, Valerie Peckham, Walter Tsou

11 groups represented — Audubon PA, Climate Beer, Climate Dads, Eastern Service Workers Association, Extinction Rebellion Philly, First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia, Neighbors Against the Gas Plants, NW Philly Climate Action Network, Penn Environment, Physicians for Social Responsibility PA, Sierra Club’s Ready for 100 Philadelphia

New people, many concerned residents. Alex Lola facilitated, Meenal Raval & Judy Morgan were note takers. 

  • An update on organizational plans – We’ve decided on a name for our alliance — Climate Action Philly
  • Who are our members?
    • Orgs? Good for sign-on letters. Individual members? Sure
    • Alex will draft a letter to all organizations who have been involved since October asking them to clarify if they would like to appoint a contact person for us to connect with in sharing developments and requests for endorsements. For example, we could have sent the Philly People’s Bailout  to contact people for organizations to consider endorsing it. How do we create a quorum for Climate Action Philly in order to act on someone’s call for endorsement or involvement? Decision to be made by people who respond? Do we weigh in if not directly connected to climate? Given mission, seems OK to sign on to the Bailout.  We could also just recommend to groups on our list that they consider endorsing the Bailout (or other initiatives that request support).  Meenal will highlight mission statement on about page of website.
    • Emily & Judy will draft a set of guidelines that could evolve into bylaws over time; Meenal to share evolving version on website. 
  • 2020 (near term) climate goals list – we met over 5 months to whittle down to this list, now what? Re-visit with COVID-19 restrictions? What can we do now? Present to City Council? Call these our “climate action items” – all action items fit into our goals – Have already met with Council member Gilmore-Richardson about this, pre-COVID. Go to .
  • What do we do next? 
    • Take our list to City Council 
    • Meet with Christine Knapp of Office of Sustainability.
    • What else? We’re not prepared as an org to go to Council just yet; we need plans; specific working groups on issue areas for clearer advocacy; not particularly representative of frontline communities; therefore at a strategic disadvantage -need to build our people power first and work with frontline groups 
    • Need to link the pandemic to the climate crisis? 
    • Neighbors Against the Gas Plants met with Councilmember Katherine Gilmore Richardson, who asked — What can we do to reduce air pollution after COVID-19? Let’s try and answer this. Each of us is a legitimate person to lead on this; we’re all Philly residents. Need someplace to start. Mehdi leading on this; but not on call tonight. Meenal to write to all attendees, sharing our goals and asking for ideas on responding to KGR’s question. 
  • Working group report backs
    • Strategy team – not meeting currently
    • Equity team – Freyda said it hasn’t been meeting but she’ll check on status. Meenal will send her list of members.
    • Urban Ag team – team haven’t met – Wanda & Jeanne & Dave – Meenal active with website and working groups, including Philly gardeners. Jeanne mentioned that Trust for Public Land talks of climate related temperature change in Philly, notably in South Philly, Fairhill, Greys Ferry due to lack of trees. 
    • Green Jobs initiative – meeting w Phila Energy Authority – public bank for green investment 
    • Phila Energy Authority’s campaign Built to Last developing “community advisory” team, Freyda & Meenal working with them. 
  • Current campaigns – Do you support? Do we support? 
    • Toxic Free Philly
    • PGW Just Transition
    • 5th Square – Fair Fares 
    • Transit Forward Phila – 
    • Neighbors Against the Gas Plants 


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