Strategy team — Feb 29, 20

Strategy team – Climate Action Philly – notes from 2/29/20 call

Participating:  Lisa Hastings, Lynn Robinson, Judy Morgan

Public Input:  We discussed Lisa’s email about the important of public input in policy, and the need to include a public input process in our goals.  AGREED: Lisa will revise her email text and send it to Lynn and Judy, and Lynn and Judy will raise this topic with the Advisory Group, to see if others agree that it should be included in the list of goals.

Ideas for how public input could be done included:

  •  Could send out an email to environmental groups, Refinery Advisory Group, academics, etc. inviting input on our draft
  •  Could use our blog for people to provide input.
  •  Could group inputs into categories and respond to each category.
  •  Could work with neighborhood organization leaders and get them on board with policy proposals, and ask them to communicate to their members and get input from them.
  •  It’s good to use incentives rather than requirements in our policy proposals.
  • We need to be positive and upbeat throughout the process.

AGREED:  It makes sense to frame the short list in terms of job creation, envisioning how a clean energy economy would benefit all Philadelphians.  This will give people a sense that there is an alternative path that will benefit them, rather than they’re being forced to give up things or pay more.  

Recommendation for input process:   We will suggest to the whole roundtable using these four steps – 

  1. Finish the short list of climate/justice goals
  2. Run this draft by academic and technical experts for input
  3. Send the next draft to key environmental and justice leaders for input and discussion
  4. Send the final draft to a wider list of community, advocacy, and neighborhood groups, for input and discussion.  Encourage groups to get input from their membership and feed it to us.

Tasks to do:

  • Lisa – redraft email
  • Lynn – redraft short list from earlier meeting with Mehdi, Meenal and Judy
  • Judy – notes from meeting, develop google doc for list of people with academic and technical backgrounds

Next meeting of Strategy team:  Saturday, 3/7/20 @ 9:30 am.  

Submitted by:  Judy

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