Strategy team — Feb 22,20

Strategy Working Group – Conference Call 2/22/20

Participating:  Lisa Hastings, Fareed Abdullah, Judy Morgan

Backgrounds:  We shared a bit about our backgrounds

Daniel Hunter’s pamphlet Climate Resistance Handbook:  We discussed a couple of points…

  • Idea of building long-term capacity of people who are energized for change and share a common vision of how to get there
  • Need to connect with  what people are experiencing as their own urgent needs and start from there
  • Pillars of support – need to look at what is holding the system in place and address how to weaken those pillars.  Lisa noted example of unions supporting fossil fuel industry.

Agreements:  We reached two agreements

  • The short list needs to emphasize that it is pro-jobs and pro-economic growth, because that  is what most people see as important…and secondarily, pro-clean-air to reduce asthma and other health problems.
  • We need to focus on the positive as much as possible – what is it that we want to create?  (If it’s perceived as simply opposing fossil fuels, people will be uncertain of what the alternative is.)  

Expanding group:  Fareed will check to see if he can invite one or two other people to next call.

Next meeting:  The next meeting of Strategy Team will be by conference call 9:30 am, Saturday, 2/29/20. 

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