Advisory team – Feb 18,20

Climate Action Planning – Advisory Team – Notes from Tue Feb 18, 2020 call

Present were Judy, Dave, Meenal (notetaker), Alex (till 6:25), Mehdi (facilitator), Cam (till 6), Lynn

  • Reviewed last whole-group meeting: what went well, what could be improved
    • It seemed people enjoyed talking
    • Concerned – ESWA not participating – did during small groups – Anthony Giancatarino, when asked how we could do better, suggested — people are more relaxed in small groups
    • One less pizza! 
    • Freyda wants UN SDG presented to Council. This is good as reference, as a guiding ethos. 
    • Feels it’s coming together 
    • Starting with open floor may open up quiet folks – opens up agency
  • Report-backs 
    • Mehdi went to 350 SEPTA meeting – Fossil Free SEPTA campaign – committed to 400 e-buses by 2026 – SEPTA now not responding, maybe not seriously committed – all new buses purchased by 2030 to be electric – 25 e-buses purchased not really working – asking for transparency – We’ve heard that SEPTA is rolling out e-buses in-house instead of using consultant. Could that be an issue?
    • Cam – expect more people showing up at our meetings, announcement at recent Climate Beer
    • Lynn
      • reported on Chester meeting – 1) Aqua Water buying out Delcora – Chester wastewater comes to Phila now; Aqua to burn sludge in incinerator 2) Cracker plant in Marcus Hook – ethane (fracking output) highly flammable, heavier than air – ethane → ethylene → polyethylene → plastic bags – state house & senate passed HB 1100 recently – $800M in subsidies to new petro plants for 30 years – including plastic cracker plants w overwhelming Democratic support – pollution from cracker plant? Beaver County cracker plant 2nd worse polluter in state 3) LNG plant in Chester 
      • Concerned about losing purpose of coalition – it IS a Green New Deal for Phila – revisit calling our work this – check w Sunrise team – wants to work on document and other players on board – Mehdi building short prioritized list, not replacing document – CAC would want to see whole doc, NIMBY group may just want to see a portion – depends on audience – strategy for a campaign and GND are different – GND will have many campaigns – what are 1st 3 campaigns we lead with? 
    • Meenal (never reported back)
      • Phila Energy Authority’s new program – Built to Last
      • Temple student project about Green New Deal 
      • Large scale tree planting and soil remediation at refinery site not part of 2019 Clean Jobs PA report 
      • Applied for SEPTA Citizens Advisory Council; anybody else? 
  • Prep for roundtable with City Council’s new Environment Committee on 2/19 – Dave, Meenal, Lynn going 
  • Other next steps
    • Add short list to action page? No. But perhaps on home page. 
    • What criteria for every item on this list – act quickly – focused on broad goals – climate, health, jobs, equity, and achievable in near term – doesn’t ask much from city budget – 
    • Financing –  
  • Proposal for decision making process
    • We will aim for consensus in making decisions – that is, build decisions that satisfy all sides. 
    • When time is limited, anyone may request a modified consensus decision by vote.  For modified consensus in small groups of 5 or less, a single objector may be overruled. In groups over 5 people, a majority of 75% or more can overrule objectors.  
    • If a decision is controversial, the overruled objectors can request revisiting the issue at a future date.
    • Quorum – 75% of members eg. 5 of 7
  • Next meeting 
    • Advisory team – 
      • Tue 3/3 @ 7:30 – Lynn, Judy, Mehdi, Meenal, Dave – keep to an hour 
      • Tue 3/17 @ 5:30 – Dave, Judy, Mehdi, Lynn, Meenal – yes! 
    • Large group – keep to 2nd Tue of month @ 6:30 
      • 3/10 @ 6:30 – RF100 meeting at 5:30 – hard to change dates for 30+ people  
      • Alex’s workshop on 3/10 is in north phila – maybe they’ll do another for our team 

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