Strategy team — Feb 22,20

Strategy Working Group – Conference Call 2/22/20 Participating:  Lisa Hastings, Fareed Abdullah, Judy Morgan Backgrounds:  We shared a bit about our backgrounds Daniel Hunter’s pamphlet Climate Resistance Handbook:  We discussed a couple of points... Idea of building long-term capacity of people who are energized for change and share a common vision of how to get … Continue reading Strategy team — Feb 22,20

Advisory team – Feb 18,20

Climate Action Planning - Advisory Team - Notes from Tue Feb 18, 2020 call Present were Judy, Dave, Meenal (notetaker), Alex (till 6:25), Mehdi (facilitator), Cam (till 6), Lynn Reviewed last whole-group meeting: what went well, what could be improvedIt seemed people enjoyed talkingConcerned - ESWA not participating - did during small groups - Anthony … Continue reading Advisory team – Feb 18,20

Feb 11 2020 meeting of full group

Notes from Feb 11, 2020 meeting to discuss near term climate action by Philadelphia government.  22 people participated (alphabetical by first name): Alex Lola, Bernard Reid, Brent Groce, Cameron Walker, Dave Moscatello, Dita White, Fareed Abdullah, Francis McCloskey, Freyda Kornblum, Jeanne Myers, Judy Morgan, Lisa Hastings, Lynn Robinson, Marilyn Reid, Meenal Raval, Mujahid Abdullah Alim, Pat … Continue reading Feb 11 2020 meeting of full group