second meeting

Thanks to all who attended our second meeting on Dec 10 2019, with participation from 20 people spanning 9 groups. Please see these notes from the 12/10 meeting, thanks to Judy Morgan & Brent Groce.

A goal of this second meeting was to review the 29 page-long list of policy asks from the many groups and return with a shorter list. 

Please review both the meeting notes and the list of policy ideas and let me know which ones you (or your group) would want to work on in 2020. If this seems daunting, just review any one of these sections: 

  1. Transition to renewable electricity
  2. Local energy generation
  3. Transition our Utilities
  4. Buildings 
  5. Transportation
  6. Urban Agriculture / Green Spaces / Trees
  7. Solid Waste Mgmt, Waste Water Mgmt

In the meanwhile, we’re planning to present this long list of ideas as a survey — another way to assess what policies people want to push for in 2020. Stay tuned. 

Reminder — Our goal for these 3 meetings has been to gather the city’s environmental groups, social justice activists, and interested labor activists into the same room, to develop a near term list of climate policies to present to the incoming City Council members, especially the chair of the Environment Committee by late January. 

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